Free Blackjack!

Yes, I said free blackjack. Free as in you don’t have to play money to play.

Don’t think such a thing exists? You would be wrong if you think that.

Every reputable online casino has the option to create a free practice play account. This way you can either practice your blackjack skills or become better acquainted with the game if you’re just starting to learn. Or if you simply love the game and don’t want to risk any money you can play for free.

What you do is find your favorite online casino. Then decide if you want to download their software—which is also free—or only play in the instant flash version of their online casino. Keep in mind though that some online casinos won’t make all their games available in their flash versions. I’m going to assume this is to get people to download their software, but their software is free anyway so personally I’m failing to see the logic in limiting the number of games in a flash version.

Anyway. Once you have found the online casino you want to play free blackjack at and have decided on the free download or the flash version, you will be prompted to create a player account. Don’t worry, player accounts are free also. This allows that casino’s staff to assist you with any problems you have with your player account—such as log in issues or the like.

Once you have your player account you can go to town with all the free blackjack you want!

The great thing about being able to practice for free is that you don’t have to worry about putting any money at risk while you’re learning. Before online casinos and their free blackjack, players who were learning the game and working on fine tuning their strategies had to wager money. The problem with this is that you’re learning—why should you be putting your money at risk, even in a low-stakes game?

Thankfully online casinos understand that players are more likely to stick with the game if given a good way to practice and work on their strategies. They have given us free blackjack. And we can have access to it at any time we need to.