Online Blackjack, it is Not so Bad

There are a good number of people who feel that blackjack played at a table in a real brick and mortar casino is the only good way to play the game. I would have to disagree with this. True I cannot use card counting when playing online blackjack, and card counting is one of those classic, glamorous things associated with blackjack.

But on the other hand, it is winter right now and I do not have to go out in the cold to head to a casino to play blackjack. All I need to do is pull up a chair at my computer and log in to my favorite online casino.

Some other benefits to online blackjack is that I do not have the distractions that are found in a casino. No yelling from the craps table. No slot machines making dings and buzzes and their myriad other noises. Instead of trying to drown out all these other noises, I can focus on my game and on my blackjack strategy.

And speaking of blackjack strategy, they are all at my fingertips. If I need a basic strategy chart I can do a quick search for one and pull it up. I can also keep the instructions for a new blackjack strategy open in another window, rather than having to memorize them and hope I remember them to take along in my mind with me to the casino.

Then there is the free practice. The majority of online casinos offer free-play modes. Free-play modes allow players to try out a new strategy without leaving home (see above paragraph). It can also allow players to practice a strategy they already know and want to improve on; or to try out a variation of blackjack without having to wager anything. There is no such thing as playing for free in a brick and mortar casino; the best you can do is to find a low stakes table.

So I do not want to hear that blackjack in a brick and mortar casino cannot compare to online blackjack. There are plenty of ways that online blackjack surpasses blackjack in a casino

How Go Casino Does Blackjack

Go Casino is one of the highest rated online casinos in the industry. It is certainly one of the most well-known Vegas Technology powered online casinos out there. But how does its blackjack stand up to its overall rating?

When a new player interested in blackjack comes to Go Casino and scopes out their blackjack offerings they will find Perfect Pairs Blackjack, Vegas Strip Blackjack, European Rules Blackjack and Progressive Blackjack.

I know, not a lot of choices here, but in truth Go

Remote Live Dealer Blackjack

I recently heard of yet another take on live dealer blackjack online. And this latest take I am not a fan of.

Most often when you hear about live dealer online blackjack it involves players signing in and watching a real dealer being filmed live and broadcasted over the internet. She deals cards which then show up on your screen and you make your plays; she then plays out her hand.

While I do not think the synergy of this kind of live dealer online blackjack has reached a point to be in good form

Cake Takes on Online Blackjack Tournaments

I found where 21 Gnet went. Back in May 21 Gnet and Rushmore Casino ended their partnership in regards to blackjack tournaments. This resulted in Rushmore ceasing to offer blackjack tournaments and picking up slots tournaments instead.

But 21 Gnet is not the sort of company that just fades away. And it is true that they have not.

It appears that 21 Gnet has made a partnership with the Cake Network, who is known for primarily dealing with poker. I say primarily because they do offer blackjack, but mostly just as a back burner sort of offering. It is there is you want it.

And 21 Gnet is definitely excited about the partnership. Chief Executive Officer Shane O

Of All the Casino Games, Why Online Blackjack?

Of all of the online casino games why is online blackjack better?

It really comes down to odds, and blackjack online offers better odds than the other online casino games.

This is because basic strategy can be used in online blackjack just like the blackjack that is played in a brick and mortar casino. The impact on your blackjack odds is still the same because the rules of online blackjack is the same as casino blackjack, therefore you still have a 48% chance of winning and a 52% chance of losing each round.

Because the odds are roughly the same to begin with and because the rules of online blackjack are the same as its brick and mortar counterpart, you can use the same strategy

Dealer Hitting Soft 17 is Not Good

Some players think that working in games that allow the dealer to hit a soft 17 is good for their blackjack strategy.

They would be mistaken.

Sure, on the surface a dealer hitting a soft 17 sounds like a good thing. Players might think that the dealer has a better shot of busting because he is so close to 21. But what these players are forgetting is that Ace. The Ace that makes that soft 17 soft can be reduced to a 1 if the dealer hits and receives a card that would cause him to bust.

Because of that Ace, dealers can actually reduce that 17 to an 8 and hit to rebuild a stronger hand. He might then wind up with a hard 17 or higher that stands a shot of beating the player. Just like how an Ace can benefit a player, so too can it benefit the dealer. A soft 17 can be rebuilt whereas a hard 17 has a better shot of being beat by the player.

With that ability to rebuild his soft 17, the house