Blackjack Philosophy No-No’s—Part IV

This one is kind of similar to the last blackjack philosophy no-no. You remember? The one about playing two hands at the same time. Yes, that one.

But this one is about outsmarting the game. Or Lacy Luck if you will.

Some players believe that if they quit after winning a little that they will have greater chances of winning more the next day. Yes. There are players who believe and play according to this philosophy.

There are no cards or computer gaming programs that will keep track of what you win. But the casinos and online casinos will of course. They want to keep tabs on how much of their money you’ve won and how much you’ve given them. But as for the game itself, no. Cards and blackjack software don’t have the ability to recall how much you won. Nor are they capable of adjusting themselves so that you will win more the next day.

And, no, Lady Luck won’t remember either. She has a lot of blackjack players to watch over to remember each and every one.

There is nothing that you do on one day that will influence how well or how poorly your games the next day will go.

The thing that I see about this blackjack philosophy is that it’s most likely used by progressive betting players. In fact, they’re probably using a system where they double their bet each time they win. Say, they’re betting $10 and win; the next hand they would bet $20. And so on until they lose a hand.

The reason I think a progressive betting blackjack player says to walk away when you’ve won a little so as to have a greater chance of winning the next day is that other betting systems double on consecutive losses; or players are betting randomly or according to the count of the cards.

A player who is building their money on doubling on their winnings will be concerned about stepping away when on a winning streak. Because if they don’t, they’ll lose quite a bit when they do lose.

But understand that there is nothing that says if you quit a winning streak early that you’ll do better the next day. The best that you can do is beat evenly or learn card counting and bet according to the count.

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